Honevo™, Kānu Bee Venom® and Rubeeven™ are developed by HoneyLab, a New Zealand company dedicated to research and innovation of natural products.

HoneyLab's head office is in Wellington, and our bees and production facilities are in the Bay of Plenty. 

Established in 2009, HoneyLab's mission is to unlock the potential of natural products like kānuka honey and bee venom. To date, HoneyLab has launched Honevo pharmaceutical honey, Rubeeven dual-action joint cream and Kānu Bee Venom.

Founded by Professor Shaun Holt and businessman Laurence Greig in 2009, HoneyLab is at the forefront of international honey research and has already attracted investment through Wellington-based Fomana Capital, which also provides connection with iwi communities eager to see New Zealand’s natural resources managed responsibly.

Honevo creator Professor Shaun Holt is a world-leading researcher in complementary therapies, who has developed medicines for some of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies. The author of bestseller Natural Remedies That Really Work, along with numerous articles in scientific literature, Professor Holt is also a regular media commentator on complementary medicines.

As Vice President Business Development of HoneyLab, Laurence Greig brings the knowledge and skills gained from working in commercial giants like IBM and EDS, combined with entrepreneurial leadership from other private start-up companies. His negotiation expertise is brought to bear on the licensing and commercialization for the company.