Kānu Bee Venom® is a world first. A highly effective anti-ageing product that combines a unique high strength natural bee venom, sourced from Aotearoa, New Zealand, with a strong scientific foundation. We’ve tested it against other anti-ageing products on the market and we’re told there’s nothing like it.

Kānu Bee Venom creator Professor Shaun Holt is an international expert in complementary medicines, who has spent his career investigating traditional remedies and natural treatments to find out what really works and why.

While researching the therapeutic properties of bee venom in pharmaceuticals, Professor Holt was interested in exploring claims that bee venom could reduce the signs of ageing. After scientifically testing various formulations of the high strength venom used for his pharmaceutical work, he discovered one formulation stood out – with an incredible 90% of women trialled seeing a real reduction in wrinkles and fine lines within just five days. We went on to test head-to-head against other leading anti-ageing products and our formulation performed faster and more effectively.

We’ve called this powerful formulation Vetox®. And it’s the magic ingredient in Kānu Bee Venom.

Kānu is 100% natural, safe to use on all skin types, and lovingly made from pure New Zealand bee venom. To that we’ve added kānuka honey and an ecocert base serum – giving you everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to reveal younger, more radiant skin.