Natural Support for Queasy Stomachs

Melzing is specially formulated to deliver the exact amount of ginger needed, to settle queasy stomachs. Melzing brings you the classic, proven, natural anti-nausea treatment ginger, suspended in pure New Zealand honey, and delivered accurately to the whole family through the unique pump system.

Natural, safe and it tastes delicious!


  • Concentrated Liquid Ginger to help with motion sickness, travel sickness, morning sickness and nausea & vomiting.
  • New Zealand honey to combat low blood sugar due to an illness or nausea and give you an energy boost


How Melzing works

Melzing helps to settle queasy stomachs.

  • Ginger has been used to treat nausea for centuries and many studies have proven that it is effective. The key is to get the correct dose of ginger.
  • Most ginger products do not deliver enough ginger, or taste bad. Melzing has been specially formulated and designed to accurately deliver the optimal dose, and it's special honey and ginger formulation means treatment for nausea is now a pleasure to take.

Have it your way

  • Want a great tasting honey & ginger drink to sip? Squirt Melzing into a cup or glass and water to taste.
  • In a rush and don’t have the time to sip? Squirt Melzing onto a spoon and eat.


Suitable for everyone 2 years old and up